Film Schedule with cover image from The Man Who Fell to Earth

Music Box Theatre

Film Schedule Brochure, Poster & Mailer

Tangible. Engaging. Artful. When Music Box Theatre decided to bring back their physical film schedule after the pandemic, Nicer Collaborative approached them with a new idea fit for a true art house theater. Printed locally on quality, uncoated paper the new film schedule design has an archival feel and a modern aesthetic. With an eye-pleasing combination of brand colors, typography and film stills, it serves as an informational brochure while unfolding to a poster-like layout of the theatre's upcoming screenings—reminiscent of the newsprint schedules of yesteryear's Sunday paper. When folded, the piece becomes a self-mailer. It's cover  highlights an upcoming film intermingled with the schedule's own typographically branded title. 

Produced every other month, the Music Box Theatre film schedules are sent via USPS to over 5,000 members and are also available for patrons to pick up at the theatre.

Fanned out film schedule covers featuring Oppenheimer Partially open film schedule featuring the title of Restored Films Partially unfolded film schedule laying flat at an angle. Full side one and side two layout of the January/February 2023 film schedule. Cover of March/April 2024 film schedule featured Creature from the Black Lagoon. Close up photo of part of the March/April 2024 film schedule with information about Triple Threat: A 3D Series. Close up of the press sheet from the March/April 2023 film schedule.

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