Woman outdoors dipping a chip into 815Eats Chili con Queso microwave dip cup


Brand Identity, Copywriting and Product Packaging

815Eats is a new, convenience snack food brand based in the rural town of Ashton, Illinois—centered in the 815 area code. Its parent company, Crest Foods Co., Inc., was founded in 1946 and is a third generation family-owned-and-operated leader in dry food manufacturing. After creating their new concept for a line of “just add water” microwave dip cups, Crest Foods commissioned Nicer Collaborative to develop a brand identity, packaging graphics and an e-commerce website to help position their new product in a competitive snack food industry. After several concepts were presented, 815Eats settled on a new brand identity that communicates the welcoming hometown values of the people that produce the products and packaging that reflects the quality with which they make it. 

Standing by their slogan and social media hashtag, #WelcomeTo815, 815Eats invites anyone looking for a convenient, portion-controlled snacking option to visit their website and try their microwave dips today.

Learn more about our custom website development for 815Eats here.

815Eats logo 815Eats Brand Manifesto: 815 isn’t just an area code.  It’s a way of life.  A pretty simple one, actually. Based on hometown values, solid roots, and good food.  Where we say what we mean. And we do what we say. Where our company is our family and family always comes first. Where we’re proud of where we came from. And everyone feels welcome. Because everyone is. Welcome to 815. 815Eats horizontal logo 815Eats brand applied to a shirt, a hat and business cards Photos of the four different 815Eats microwave cups: Black Bean & Jalapeno, Chili con Queso, Curried Chickpea and Tuscan Bean Photograph of 815Eats microwave dip cups on store shelf in the dips and chips aisle

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