This Little Light of Mine

Wood-cut Nicer Collaborative mark.
Cut from a paper stencil, the Nicer wooden mark was stained before being illuminated and hung in Nicer Collaborative's studio.

Cut from a stencil, this 1/8 plywood mark is the perfect piece of hardware for our new office. Adding standoff magnets allowed us to easily attach and reposition our new signage to the metal door on our studio's back wall. Gluing a battery-powered LED light strip is the perfect touch for illuminating our logo at night.

Nicer wood-cut mark next to paper stencil.


Close up of Nicer wooden mark after adding wood stain.

Backside of Nicer's wood-cut mark with LED lights glued to the back.
Adding hidden battery-powered LED lights illuminates the mark from behind.

Illuminated wooden Nicer mark hanging in the studio after dark.

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